Japanese OKUMA Large Precision Machining Center,Japanese MITSUI Large Continuous-path Jig Grinding Machine,Slow-speed wire cutting off machine of Switzerland AGIE,Surface grinding machine of Taiwan KENT...
Be proficient in technique before making product and the proficiency is also the foothold of Fusson to start the business,From the cultivation of innovative thinking,the improvement of technical capacity,and the forging of team strength,Fusson keeps pace with the world by its precision and profession,and creates a powerful wealth pillar to realize product value...
Focusing on customer need is the starting point of our service,while satisfying customer need is the goal of our service.We will commit ourselves to playing the advantages of corporate resources,providing customer high-class solution,and reinforcing our competitiveness.Through technology research and development and service,we aim to build a technology-based,innovative and service-type firm,while realizing a stable increase.
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